Can Braces Affect Playing a Musical Instrument?

After many dedicated hours practicing and preparing for a performance, we know you don’t want braces getting in the way of your big moment. At Ashby Park Family Orthodontics, we are here to help both children and adults achieve the smile of their dreams while staying in tune with their passion for playing.

Getting braces won’t keep you from playing a musical instrument, you just might need to make a few adjustments to continue to play comfortably. Some instruments, such as brass instruments, may have a longer adjustment period than those who play woodwind instruments. It may also benefit the player to adjust their practice routine and space out their practice schedule until they feel more comfortable playing with braces.

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, you may have to adjust depending on the orthodontic appliances or treatment options, such as Invisalignâ treatment. Your Greenville orthodontist will be able to work with you during your adjustment period and give you tips on how to safely play your instrument and continue your journey to beautiful smiles.

Which Musical Instruments are More Affected by Having Braces?

Those who play woodwind instruments may have to adjust their bite and their breath to play more comfortably. Brass players may have a bit more difficulty when it comes to playing comfortably with their mouthpiece. Due to your lips being pressed together with a mouthpiece, it may take some time and practice to get used to playing with braces.

Instruments with larger mouthpieces, like a tuba or baritone, may be easier to play with braces because they require less mouth pressure. Instruments like flutes or trumpets have a smaller mouthpiece which may be more challenging when playing with braces. Smaller mouthpieces require more mouth pressure and may need more adjustment.

By taking the time to readjust and become comfortable with playing an instrument with braces, it may help your skill in the long run. Our orthodontists in the Greenville area can provide quality orthodontic care and help keep teens and adults smiling and comfortably playing instruments for years to come.

Tips for Playing a Musical Instrument With Braces

As you adjust to playing your instrument with braces, there are a few ways to help ease the process. Our orthodontic specialists in Greenville, SC will provide orthodontic wax to apply to your braces. This helps to smooth out the edges where your braces press against your lips. This will keep your braces and wires from irritating the inside of your mouth while you’re playing your instrument.

In addition to using orthodontic wax, lots of practice and more breath will help adjust to playing your instrument with braces. Be prepared to use more breath as you get used to playing with your braces and continue to practice often so your braces begin to feel more comfortable.

Consider an Alternative to Traditional Braces

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional braces, our orthodontists in Easley, SC and Greenville, SC offer Invisalignâ treatment and Invisalign Teenâ clear aligners to patients. Our orthodontists will evaluate your smile and determine if Invisalignâ treatment is a good fit for you. When playing an instrument with Invisalignâ clear aligners, you may still have to take time to adjust, but you will be back to playing with ease in no time!

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